Turn Your Countertops into a Work Of Art!

Get the marble countertop look for a fraction of the cost.

How It Works

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First, we mask off unpainted sections and set up tarps to to protect your surrounding areas.

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Next, we prime your countertops with a base coat to allow the compound to bond with the surface.

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We measure the proper quantities for the surface area and mix the epoxy as well as the paint shade.

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Final Coat

Finally, we apply two coats of marble paint to deepen the texture of the finish, giving it the final look and feel.

Estimated time to completion is roughly 3 days depending on size and complexity of area

Check Out Some of Our Projects!

A kitchen with an epoxy painted countertop that looks like white marble streaked heavily with gray
A kitchen with an epoxy painted countertop that looks like white marble with streaks of gray
An epoxy painted kitchen island that looks like white marble streaked with gray
A bathroom counter with two inlaid sinks; the countertop is epoxy painted to resemble white marble with gray swirls
A bathroom counter with an inlaid sink; the countertop is epoxy painted to resemble white marble with lots of gray swirls.
A remodeled kitchen with inlaid sink and kitchen island; the epoxy countertops are painted to resemble white marble
A kitchen with inlaid sink and flat top cooker; the epoxy countertops are painted to resemble copper brown streaked marble
A kitchen counter painted with epoxy to simulate brown marble, swirled and speckled with tones of copper, black, and gold

About Us

Hi I'm Vlad

I hold a bachelor's degree in Finance and Business management. After graduating college, I spent several years in home remodeling. Eventually, I developed a streamlined process of sanding, mixing, polishing, heating, and of course, painting different surfaces. I used the highest grade and most sustainable epoxy paint on the market. After finishing numerous countertops, I've realized that this is much more logical and cost efficient than replacing countertops altogether. Painting your countertops is both an art and a science, and a process that I have learned to love.

Want to learn more? Text me directly at (678) 561-2828.

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General Questions
Epoxy countertops are considered a solid surface product and are as durable as most stone and solid surface options.
One could place a hot pan directly on the surface for a short period of time and it will have no effect on the surface; however, like with any other countertop, we recommend avoiding prolonged exposure to heat.
The Epoxy is non-toxic and completely food safe. Food can be cut directly on the surface, however minimal surface scratches may develop with repeated cutting. This surface is easy to re-finish and can be brought back to 100% if any damage occurs.
The clear epoxy finish is made to last many years without losing any of its shine, or yellowing.
The countertops can be used 48 hours after the final coat is applied, however it takes 30 days for the epoxy to fully cure.